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Enetric’s Academy

Enetric Leverages its board members and management teams 30+ years of experience to help both the beginners and experienced aspirants to develop professionally and acquire the latest technological advancements and contribute to their career.

The BIoT Academy is a unique model of educating the aspiring members founded and guided by ENETRIC with the support of industry experts in the Building Automation Domain. Enetric having excellent experience in various Smart Buildings and Cities Automation have been working on this Academy initiative for the past 2 years to arrive at the right model of enabling the aspirants with the best of technology and method to become an expert. Enetric’s vision is focused on imparting quality and affordable programs for students and upskilling individuals of the Industry. We are specialized in bringing the latest technology with hands-on training programs which can help brighten the aspirant’s career.

Enetric Academy is an educational and training platform established by Enetric Technology Solution to enable the aspirants to develop knowledge through the support of global smart building experts.

We offer the best training programs related to Building Internet of Things (BIOT), For training purposes we have made available real-time equipment & experimental boards to be enabled in our real-time workshops. Our collaborations with various global experts in this domain help us to offer you up to date knowledge giving an ultimate lead to our training members in competing for the Industry needs

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