Banking & Finance

Today’s financial service providers place extremely high demands on their office buildings. A bank branch should be secure while also conveying the right professional image. The main lobby should be customer friendly, and the offices should be suited for flexible use. The building’s interior areas should also furnish an optimal environment for efficient workflows, thus enabling cost effective banking operations.

Further Money, finance and security businesses are vulnerable to constant threats.  Banks, where it is absolutely essential to manage risks, were among the first to install security systems. They are still among the users with the highest expectations – and understandably so. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at banks, which must meet incredibly demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications.

ETS’s experience & expertise with this sector gives Banking & Finance owners the tools to fully understand their building operations and analyze the results, with the goal of helping them to lower operational costs while keeping Banking Customers & Staff comfortable. And to keep Bank Assets, Employees Safe & secure. Understanding operational needs ETS provides following Systems & Services to Banking & Finance Industry: