Building Automation

Building technology – Energy savings and assured comfort

Building automation is the brain of a building. BAS core functionality keeps the building climate within a specified range, provides lighting based on an occupancy schedule, and monitors system performance and device failures and provides email and/or text notifications to building engineering/maintenance staff. The BAS functionality reduces building energy and maintenance costs when compared to a non-controlled building.

The HVAC controllers from ETS are the intelligence of the installation technology and look after the energy-efficient operation of the installations. Our products are suitable for installations of any sizes. Using some of the world’s leading technological advances in building and energy management, ETS achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption thanks to demand-led operation. Communicative room automation via the standard communication protocol BACnet ensures this. This way, the operating costs are reduced, Increase in Productivity – which, in turn, is essential for good marks in the Green Building certification process.

Our BMS solutions include:

  • Integrated Building Management Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Standalone HVAC Controls
  • CAV/VAV Controls
  • FCU Controls
  • High Precision Air Valves
  • Energy Monitoring /BTU Metering Solutions