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Guest Room Management System

Intelligent Building automation integrated with room automation prioritized to enhance the guest experience without compromising on cost-effectiveness by optimizing energy through efficient utilization of lighting, air-conditioning, shading and other hotel-specific service functions.

Guest Room Management Systems

  • GRMS is  a single platform that integrates the building management system (BMS), guest room management system (GRMS), and Hotel’s property management system (PMS)
  • System integration leverages automation and connectivity for optimal efficiency and comfort

GRMS provides full visibility into room conditions, enabling remote troubleshooting and proactive maintenance

Our GRMS & Building solution provides hotel staff with insight across all critical systems

From design, through integration to commissioning, GRMS & IBMS Building brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to your building. Combined with our asset and energy performance services, we enable lifetime efficiency of your building ensuring productivity and comfort for occupants.