Just what the doctor ordered: healthier patients through a quality environment. When clinics and hospitals are comfortable, connected and integrated, patient outcomes improve and satisfaction increases. Health is the most valuable possession. Still, even health care professionals working in hospitals have to deal with issues such as theft, disputes over possible malpractice or even the kidnapping of infants. In a healthcare environment, limiting and monitoring access to certain areas at certain times of day is key to providing safe and germ-free environments. Providing access, security and high-quality medical services simultaneously requires intelligent, discreet and effective security and building management solutions, which must be flexible to meet the diverse needs of patients, medical personnel and the visiting public.

ETS provides the solution gives healthcare providers the tools to fully understand their building operations and analyze the results, with the goal of helping them to lower operational costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Understanding operational needs ETS provides following Systems & Services to Healthcare Industry: