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Lighting Control System

Lighting is a vital asset to retail or Hotels to either draw attention to passers-by or create an ambient, welcoming environment for the occupants to enjoy.

Lighting Control Systems

  • Not Just luminosity, lighting controls are just as important for shopping centres and retail parks. consumers want an enjoyable retail experience, where they can feel at peace and ease, and lighting is an important aspect. For Security, bright lighting can help light the way and discourage any possible criminals in dark and remote areas.
  • Lighting can be set to come on only when presence is detected. This is especially the case in larger shopping centres, where hundreds of luminaries and detectors could be there as it plays a vital role in power conservation, at the same time It can be a highly cumbersome task to ensure the working conditions of all the fittings for facility management teams.
  • Emergency lighting needs to be tested regularly to comply with regulations. The process, as you can imagine, is a labour-intensive one. However, with fully addressable lighting control solutions, this process can be made much more efficient. The tests can be timed to happen automatically saving the cumbersome effort and business disruptions

Lighting controls can bring not just creative luminosity to retail segments, but also comfort, cost-effectiveness, and commerciality.

Through the use of lighting controls, FMs can gain back valuable time in the ongoing maintenance of their buildings.

Importance of ligthing for health

This is the video of Dr. Mariana Figueiro discusses future directions for using lighting to improve human health and wellbeing. This video is sponsored by the Light and Health Alliance at the Lighting Research Center, Troy, NY.