Office / Residential Buildings

ELV systems are becoming a necessity for smart office buildings to make building infrastructure more intelligent, interconnected and efficient. They are used for security, communication, lighting, air-conditioning and heating. Smart office Buildings are becoming more and more popular as they reduce energy costs, enhance productivity and building operations and support sustainability efforts. A building is smart if it makes you feel comfortable and secure and is economical in terms of operational costs.

Office buildings and corporate environments call for a high level of security for protection of sensitive business information. Office security solutions including security doors as well as physical and logical access control need to be flexible; they need to handle a flow of people with varying access permissions throughout the day, as well as allow for safe exit in case of emergency. There is also demand for convenience and ease of use for the employees who spend their days in the office.

ETS’s experience & expertise with commercial office buildings gives commercial real estate owners the tools to fully understand their building operations and analyze the results, with the goal of helping them to lower operational costs while keeping tenants comfortable

Understanding operational needs ETS provides following Systems & Services to Commercial / Office Buildings: