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Smart Surveillance

We Build CCTV surveillance systems that cover critical areas of a city and integrate video data between such areas to visualize the underlying security status at infrastructure, area or city levels.

Smart Surveillance

INTELLIGENCEWe Implement AI capabilities and applications on top of public security resources to promote the intelligent transformation of a city’s video system, turning the video into IoT data. Clients will likely benefit from higher efficiency in patrols, law enforcement, and resource scheduling at this phase.   DATA FUSION & SHARINGFuse IoT data generated in the intelligent video system with data from information networks according to practical business needs, then provide value-added services and applications. Clients will quickly enjoy precise situational awareness around the infrastructure or area.   BODY CHARACTERISTICS AND ABNORMAL BEHAVIORVideo Analysis Server Search using multiple images with body characteristics Direction of travel movement The real-time video analysis algorithm can model an individual’s body characteristics using video streams from existing cameras. The back-end analysis server is also equipped with algorithms that can detect abnormal behaviour, such as sudden running, wandering, or intrusion, via video streams.


The crowd density analysis system is designed for large open areas such as public squares, stations, and airports. Through high-definition video stream analysis, the system can calculate the population density within a designated area. If the density exceeds the preset threshold, the alarm notification
will be shown.


The system provides accurate facial recognition results for the face capture cameras and powerful servers. It optimizes facial recognition algorithms to achieve higher accuracy rate.


      • GIS Applications
      • Alarm Controls
      • Command & Dispatch


Supports 4CIF to 3 MP streaming analysis
Supports customization of alarm threshold for crowd density
Alarm notification on VMS client after triggered
Intuitive display of alarm level by using different colors