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Proactive and predective focused anual maintenance assurance program

Engagement Model

The idea behind proactive maintenance is to avoid unexpected failure of equipment with all related consequences too, and maintenance can occur before something happens , instead of after the facts (reactive and run-to-failure maintenance)

  • We do not just initiate ppm schedule and engage on corrective maintenance as we commence.
  • We analyse observe and plan to establish the assets core concentration areas for smooth maintenance to be intiated.
  • For us its a time well spent on getting connected with your building rhythm.

If an issue needs on-site attention for corrective, Our field tech is armed with health date as we constantly strive to come up with predictive analytics based on, alarm history and key data on the equipment. This helps increase first time fix rates.

Senior techs keep training junior techs in the field to troubleshoot by enabling proper workshops and training specific to your portfolio of buildings.

We also serve a half yearly workshop on the Master Asset Status of your buildings to your facility management team and other stake holders as part of knowledge sharing.

  • Through Proactive Maintenance Approach we Catch Critical Issues early.
  • We believe that we dont need a system to tell to fix everything.
  • Enetric approach is designed to zero in on what matters most.
On Initiation of the the Service
  • Enetric’s investigative methods on historical maintenance efforts and fixes allows us to dig deeper.
  • Resolve to Quickly assess your assets across the portfolio to focus on worst performers or trouble spots.
  • Narrow down the problems to those most vital.
  • Work on enabling the assets to its optimal performance value with our analysts and technical experts.

Proactive Maintenance Approach


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Description of Services

  • Recommended no of Visits
  • Scheduled operational Inspections
  • Database Back up Service
  • Prirotized Unscheduled Service
  • Preferred Rates on Unscheduled Service
  • Preferred Rates on Replacement Parts
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
  • Afterhours Emergency Service call
  • Annual Business Review with Account Manager
  • Summary report on Maintenance Performed
  • Detailed Service Report on Maintenance Performed
  • Energy Service Report
  • 6 Hours Customer Training Visits
  • Remote Monitoring Service
  • Software upgrades


  • 2 visits


  • 4 visits
  • 1
  • 4
  • As Available


  • 5 visits
  • 2
  • 12
  • As Available



We are happy to do your maintenance asset profiling and furnish a cost-effective quote without compromising on quality and comfort.

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